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BabyMeTV is entertaining, educational, inspirational and filled with love. All new original programming created for parents, expectant parents, grandparents, and everyone who loves babies.

BabyMeTV provides an intimate look at the parenting experience from the parent's point of view. Real parents, real babies, real life. The first and only reality TV channel on the internet dedicated to educating and helping parents learn how to care for their babies and young children.

BabyMeTV is Reality TV that's Real - where real parents share their love, experience and insight as well as their babies with you. Parents will now be able to find answers to their questions by seeing how their peers are doing things.

BabyMeTV also delivers expert information from baby doctors, pediatric nurses, dieticians, child development and safety experts and grandparents too. People who love babies and enjoy helping parents by providing answers to all those questions.

The're all here... on call 24/7 on BabyMeTV.

BabyMeTV is Internet and TV and much more. Check out our columns where Parents and Grandparents communicate on a very personal level... our Baby Doctors deliver good information and helpful advice based on personal and professional experience... and our Special Guest column features experts like Lisa Goode - a registered dietician and nutritionist who writes Goode For You. Lisa is also a featured guest in "Veggie Baby", a new BabyMeTV video.

BabyMeTV is entertaining, educational, inspirational and filled with love.

We hope you agree and will help us spread the word... Enjoy!

Please post your comments and suggestions below... and see what others are saying in the comments section of our various columns.

Peter Halperin



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User Comments:
Jen said:
Hi Peter !! Love IT Told EVERYONE I KNOW TTYL Jen
Vicky said:
Hi Peter, we met at the library, and I'm glad we did, I like what I saw and read,specially the article about vaccines, mercury and autism, have you thougt about doing it in another language? well I guess you'll be hearing from me, I am grateful for baby me, thankyou much.Vicky B. Smith.
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