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NONI'S PLACE - Why Kids Need Grandmas

Mary is an interior & kitchen designer and a grandma of two who lives in Bucks County,Pennsylvania.  Her two grandsons, who live in North Carolina are the light of her life.  She loves writing about the joys of grand parenting and all the simplest things about grand kids that bring such delight. 


  • Grandmas brag about their grandkids to perfect strangers and whip out photos to show them even if they don‘t ask to see them.
  • Moms don't always say yes when asked: "Can I have that? Please? Please?"
  • Grandma's house is always cozy and fun and full of new toys, especially at holiday time.
  • Grandmas tell neat stories about the "good old days" without making the grandkids read a stinky ole history book.
  • Grandmas give the best hugs!
  • Grandma always knows when to stop whatever she's doing and just listen.
  • Grandma always has great snacks on hand. And she loves to bake cookies with the grandkids.
  • Moms and Dads would never tell silly stories about themselves.
  • Where else could kids learn about unconditional love.


  • Grand kids are extremely smart and can always teach Grandma a thing or two!
  • Grandmas need somewhere to spend their Social Security check!
  • Nothing fills a house with more holiday cheer than grand kids
  • Grand kids are adorable when their faces are covered in chocolate or when they're clean. Even their poopy diapers aren't so bad! (The sense of smell does tend to diminish with age!)
  • Grandmas can relive their own childhoods by telling stories of their favorite adventures. (The time I was blown off a shed by the West Texas wind comes to mind.)
  • Grandmas always get the BEST hugs from their grand kids! And really neat sloppy kisses from the little bitty ones!.
  • There's no better excuse to stop doing the dishes than to get into a really good story book with a grandchild.
  • Where else could a Grandma find unconditional love?

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User Comments:
Jen said:
Mary is spot on- I remember from when I was young! I have a question, actually...Does anyone have any good advice on how to make grandparents who live far away feel closer to their grandchildren? We live in Boston and the grandparents live in Philadelphia- they see our son about every three months for a weekend. I know they're missing out, but I'd like to make them feel as if they're not. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jen M.
Helen Wexler said:
I can relate!
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