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A New Video On-Demand... InternetTV Experience

BabyMeTV is the perfect place for product placement and offers sponsors/advertisers an opportunity to be seen in a very favorable light.

Product placement takes on a whole new meaning when the product is an integral part of the programs story line.

BabyMeTV offers advertisers a unique business opportunity. Unlike traditional television - BabyMeTV enables sponsors to be involved in the development of programming and to enhance their products image in the process.

BabyMeTV provides a wide range of unique opportunities. This includes traditional and non-traditional advertising with product placement and integration, special promotions, direct response, contests and other enhanced messaging.

  • Print style & Media Rich Advertising
  • TV Commercials
  • Infomercials
  • Sponsorship - Introducting Solids is sponsored by
  • Special Promotions with links to your website
  • Your Ideas

The Baby/Parenting market is enormous as is the opportunity.

We invite you to join us - Your Audience Awaits You.

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Please submit your message regarding advertising/sponsorship partnering opportunities and provide the necessary contact information.

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